Franco Santoriello shares his powerful life story & testimony about his personal journey of brokenness and healing with:

  • Local Churches
  • Local ministries
  • Schools
  • Addiction recovery centers
  • Corporations & other non profit organizations

Franco Santoriello, a former top professional bodybuilder in the early 90’s rose to worldwide celebrity, fame, and fortune. He is recognized today as one of the legendary bodybuilders in history.

Despite his worldly success, Franco’s fall from the height of his “success” resulting in him becoming unemployed, homeless, and suicidal due to extreme drug addiction. This resulted in a three-year prison sentence.

Today, Franco Santoriello is happily married to his wonderful wife Morgan and in 2019 God gifted them a beautiful newborn baby boy, Paulie. Franco and Morgan today have a successful Jackdup4Jesus non profit ministry and cleaning company.

Franco shares his personal journey of faith and it’s his mission to encourage, motivate, and inspire others to give hope to the hopeless.

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